Water Well Drilling Rig


Water Well Drilling Rig
HY-50 core drilling rig / small water well drilling rig

HY-50 core drilling rig / small water well drilling rig

USE: water well
Drilling Depth: 50m
Diesel Engine Horsepower: 8
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HY-50 Of China HuanYu portable hydraulic core drilling rig is a small sampling drilling equipment widely used in plain, mountainous areas and inconvenient areas. It has the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, light weight and convenient movement. it is suitable for railway, water conservancy and other construction projects and geological sampling and survey of outdoor mountainous areas, geological core exploration, small grouting holes, blasting holes, etc. Drills such as diamonds, composite sheets and alloys can be selected depending on the formation.


Diamter of bore hole 73mm-108mm
depth 50m
Drill rod dia. 42m
Rotatory speed 70-650 r/min
Reverse speed 50-130r/min (R)
Deisel power 5.7kw
Drill machine dimension 1180*680*1600mm
Weight(with power) 280kg


50m core drilling rig

HY-50 core drilling rig

50m water well drilling rig